Natural catastrophes and severe weather cause significant losses. We help to insure from losses due to climate variability and natural perils. We provide parametric risk management and risk transfer solutions for climate risk and natural perils.

Our bespoke platform based solutions are for corporations, insurers, brokers, governmental agencies, industry bodies, NGOs, cooperations, agriculture companies and micro insurers.


Products & Solutions

We offer a large variety of industry solutions to insure losses from natural perils. The underlying factors of the products range from Temperature, Precipitation, NDVI, Soil Moisture, Evapotranspiration, Hurricane Force, Earthquake Magnitude to River Flow.



CelsiusPro provides the full value chain from risk analysis, product design, pricing, risk transfer, reporting and settlement. Our White Label offering of our fully automated platform allows insurance companies, governmental agencies, cooperatives and aggregators to efficiently cater for large scale product distribution and management. For agriculture clients we offer bespoke solutions to mitigate risks and enhance yield.

Business Partners

Our Partners take advantage of our know-how and state for the art platform to offer clients solutions to help mitigate their financial risks due to climate change and natural perils.



CelsiusPro is uniquely positioned in a growing industry linking climate change and natural catastrophes, financial and reinsurance markets. Our aim is to simplify the use of index based Nat Cat and Weather products to allow a large number of users to profit from insurance.